Review: ‘Machinal’ still kicks despite being 86

January 16, 2014 • Entertainment

This image released by Polk & Co. shows Rebecca Hall, left, and Edward Hyland in a scene from “Machinal.” (AP Photo/Polk & Co., Joan Marcus)

NEW YORK (AP) — Eighty-six years is a long time between Broadway revivals, especially since they seem to be coming faster than they used to.

So “Machinal,” which first appeared on Broadway in 1928, opened Thursday with more than a few in the audience wondering if a play last seen here during the Calvin Coolidge administration was scrap metal or salvageable.

The answer: The Roundabout Theatre Company’s new production has kept the quirky engine but surrounded it with a good-looking chassis and new lighting and audio systems. It’s even put in the driving seat the enormously appealing Rebecca Hall under the artful, creative direction Login to read more

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