Opponents say levy will cost more than thought

January 16, 2014 • Local News

The mill levy has its opponents, such as Hudson Boue.

“He (President Madden) says that this is not a 200 percent increase. We’re not saying that this is a 200 percent increase in property taxes, but it is a 200 percent increase in millage.”

Boue argues that if the bond issue was retired, that property owners could have seen some relief, a cut of about one-third in property taxes.

Howver, if the millage is voted in, he said property owners will be seeing not a decrease but an increase from 1 to 3 mills, or one-third increase in their property taxes, at a time when most people are struggling to get by as a result of increased costs of water rates, food, gas and health insurance, to name only a few items.

“I did the calculations. It’s going to cost me 14.2 percent more to live in 2014 to maintain the same standard of living I had in 2013,” Boue said.

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