Vargas wants more time for students

January 15, 2014 • Local News

Nicole Vargas, aunt of two Berrendo Middle School students, said she was uncomfortable with her niece and nephew returning to school Thursday.

She said her seventh-grade nephew was injured by shrapnel in the shooting and that her eighth-grade niece witnessed [auth] him being injured.

“They’re not going to send our babies back to school on Thursday,” she said.

Vargas said she started a petition asking the district to cancel school at Berrendo until Monday or whatever time parents indicate their children are ready to return.

Superintendent Tom Burris said parents “have their right” to keep kids at home if they choose.

He said one reason Berrendo will start school again Thursday is because regular routines should be cathartic for students.

“I think that for a lot of those kids, back to normalcy is going to be a good thing,” he said.

Counselors will be on campus Thursday to work with students, he said.

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