17 reclaim items recovered by RPD officers

January 10, 2014 • Local News

Individuals look through recovered s[auth] tolen items at the Roswell Police Department, Thursday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

A total of 55 individuals went to check the items located by officers of the Roswell Police Department during a warrant service.

Of those who went to see what was on display, 17 were able to reclaim their personal possessions. In other words, a little less than one-third of those who attended recovered their property. The items have been linked to 17 area burglaries, and police will only be able to charge the subject with receiving stolen property since they cannot link him directly to the burglaries.

Items recovered by those who went to the viewing included jewelry, tools and lawn and garden equipment. The alien abductee that was featured in Tuesday’s Daily Record was happily reunited with its owner and was returned to his home at Galaxy Car Wash on North Main Street.

Some of the items that remain unclaimed are: a coin collection, a baseball card collection, other lawn and garden equipment, jewelry, camping gear and driver’s licenses.

The search goes on. The police will be checking the items against burglary and larceny reports to see if they come from other burglaries and other connections can be made.

RPD Public Information Liaison Sabrina Morales said that the police will not limit their search to a certain period since many of the items are dated. She cited an example of a 75th Anniversary wrench set, still in the box, dating back to 1993 and a baby monitor in a box dated 2011.

She urged people to come in and report any and all burglaries — vehicle, residential and commercial.

“Be as precise as possible with your description. If you have photos, bring photos when making the report. One woman didn’t have pictures of the jewelry, but she had pictures of herself wearing the jewelry.”

With a good description, the police may be able to link items in new reports to this cache or other property they maintain.

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