Scam alert: Walmart does not solicit ‘secret shoppers’ for program

January 7, 2014 • Local News

A new scam has hit Roswell, using the name of Walmart. It has already claimed its first victims.

The person will receive a letter or an e-mail which gives the name of Walmart in the subject line that says: “We Pay Five Hundred Every Week, If You Join Our Secret Shopper Team in your City.” It supplies an e-mail link where a person is invited to apply. Don’t be fooled. The Corporate Fraud Offices at Walmart said the company does not use secret shoppers.

Manager of Roswell’s Walmart Sue Christensen said: “This is a scam. We had one couple come in here two weeks ago, bringing a letter.”

These scam artists send fraudulent solicitations via mail, print, text and e-mail to entice consumers to evaluate the retail experience at Walmart. The communications are often associated with Login to read more

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