Judge delays hearing on horse slaughterhouse

January 3, 2014 • Local News

A Santa Fe district judge decided Friday to delay Attorney General Gary King’s request to permanently stop a Roswell company from opening a horse slaughterhouse after his attorneys admitted they were not prepared for the hearing.

District Judge Matthew Wilson extended a temporary ban on Valley Meat Company’s operations for 10 days.

“The plaintiff indicated that he did not have witnesses ready for today’s hearing and that he was not ready to proceed to a hearing on the preliminary injunction,” Wilson wrote in his order to reschedule the hearing for Jan. 13.

Wilson found that immediate and irreparable injury may result if the temporary restraining order issued last week was not extended and that the public interest “is better served by strict compliance with the state’s laws in prevention of possible unsafe food from entering the food supply and possible damage to the water supply.”

Wilson also ordered that the court will consider Valley Meat’s motion to dismiss the case on grounds that the court lacks jurisdiction and that the court should require a security of bond from the attorney general in the matter.

“The attorney general’s office showed up unprepared and asked the judge to not allow us to present testimony on all of the stuff they’ve been basically ambushing us with,” said Valley Meat’s attorney A. Blair Dunn. “Since we weren’t allowed to put on our evidence, the judge went Login to read more

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