Home electricity use in US falling to 2001 levels

December 31, 2013 • Business

FILE -This combination of Associated Press file photos shows, top, a house in Duluth, Minn.,with triple-paned, south-facing windows that draw heat from the sun, and bottom an undated photo provided by Lowe’s shows weatherstripping being applied to a window. Since the early 2000s more states have adopted or toughened building codes to force builders to better seal homes so heat or air-conditioned air doesn’t seep out so fast. (AP Photo/File)

NEW YORK (AP) — The average amount of electricity consumed in U.S. homes has fallen to levels last seen more than a decade ago, back when the smartest device in people’s pockets was a Palm pilot and anyone talking about a tablet was probably an archaeologist or a preacher.

Because of more energy-efficient housing, appliances and gadgets, power usage is on track to decline in 2013 for the third year in a row, to 10,819 kilowatt-hours per household, according to the Energy Information Administration.

That’s the lowest level since 2001, when households averaged 10,535 kwh. And the drop has occurred even though our lives Login to read more

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