Robbers steal family’s savings

December 27, 2013 • Local News

One Dexter woman did not expect what fate threw her way after she watched her husband, Edwin Adams, die on Dec. 21 in Mesilla Valley Hospital. That night, Beth Adams became stranded in Cloudcroft at her daughter’s house because of snow. She phoned a family member when she found out that thieves had broken into her home of 21 years.

Beth Adams described her husband’s last month as that of excruciating pain. He died after losing a seven-year battle with cancer. “Then all the memories, the things that held the memories, were gone when I returned,” she said.

Her daughter, Rhonda Napolean, spoke of the losses to her mother: “They did not take the TV, electronics. … They took a beige lock box hidden in a closet full of money and legal documents.”

The money had been set aside to pay for funeral expenses and a trip to take his ashes to Mustang Island, Texas. All together, Rhonda estimates, the thieves stole $10,000.

“It’s a horrible thing to do,” said Rhonda. “My mother had been a social worker for CYFD for 19 years and worked with abused and neglected children, [but] nothing had prepared her for the emotional pain of watching the man she loved be in such pain.”

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2 Responses to Robbers steal family’s savings

  1. babyray says:

    that is so sad. I hope they catch whoever did this. I send my condolences to the family.

  2. napony1 says:

    Some people just don’t care how hard others have worked. They want what you have and are willing to take the chance of jail time to get your possessions. It’s a sad world when someone is willing to take not just your valuables but your memories and your faith in others. This has also left a fear in the person who lives there. A truly sad day indeed. Hopefully someone will come forward who knows something or the police will catch the suspect(s)

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