Dunn declares run for land commissioner

December 27, 2013 • Local News

Rancher Aubrey Dunn, center, chairman of the Chaves County Soil and Water District, has announced his candidacy for New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands. (Courtesy Photo)

Chairman of the Chaves County Soil and Water Conservation District Aubrey Dunn announced his candidacy this week to run for the position of New Mexico commissioner of public lands.

A New Mexico native, businessman and rancher, Dunn said that management of state lands today is critical to the future of New Mexico and its educational system.

“I am running for our children and grandchildren,” Dunn said. “I am running for jobs for New Mexicans. This state deserves a land commissioner that understands that maximizing the responsible use of our natural resources is how we put money into our permanent fund for education and create opportunity for Login to read more

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  1. 0005827 says:

    His son is the lawyer who represents the horse slaughterhouse. So, when his 2 horses (pictured in this article) get old and tired, he can get them slaughtered in a horrific way for free!

  2. Grammie says:

    IF anyone has ever seen a horse lay down to die, they would see that it is more humane to have them slaughtered FAST instead of laying there and beating themselves to death. It is a very heart breaking thing for a horse to lay down to die on its own. A bullet is better than all the suffering they go through.

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