Bring home safety into the new year

December 26, 2013 • Local News

Give yourself the gift of added security this New Year’s.


• Consider adding a deadbolt lock to your outside doors. An in-handle key and lock system is often not enough to prevent entry into a home.

• A great lock does not help if the home has a flimsy door. Get a steel door or a solid wood door. Doors with full-length windows may look good, but the window can be broken and someone could simply reach through the window and unlock the mechanism.

• Experts recommend a peephole or wide angler viewer, so residents can look through the door to make sure they recognize a visitor. If you don’t know the person, don’t open the door. Even if a person asks for help, tell him or her you will call 911 to get the needed assistance.

• Sliding doors require an additional lock, such as broom handle or a dowel wedged into place, to prevent opening. A piece of wood wedged into a window also works for added security.

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