AG’s Valley Meat lawsuit not heard this week

December 26, 2013 • Local News

The lawsuit filed last week by Attorney General Gary King against Valley Meat in Santa Fe will not likely be heard in the next few days, according to the attorney for the proposed horse slaughter facility.

King asked the court to immediately block Valley Meat from opening after a federal appeals court in Colorado vacated a temporary ban on the U.S. Department Login to read more

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2 Responses to AG’s Valley Meat lawsuit not heard this week

  1. murphy says:

    Really, Mr. Sisneros? Really? As a spokeman for Attorney General King surely you have better command of the English language and don’t need to refer to Attorney Dunn as ‘what’s his face?’ Shame on you, stay profesional. I support all efforts to stop the slaughter of horses, but let’s not resort to unprofessional comments and behavior to accomplish that.

  2. cgross says:

    Mr. Dunn is being just as unprofessional in his allegations and comments. AG King knows this will damage Roswell and New Mexico, environmentally and economically. Just look up Kauffman, TX and what happened there and what it did to their town, when horse slaughter was allowed in the US. I think it would change the opinions of the mere 20% of people that favor slaughter.

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