Santa brings cheer to Center City

December 15, 2013 • Local News

Santa and his elf Jaida Chavez, 10, journeyed from the North Pole on his motorcycle to visit kids at Center City Bowling Lanes, Saturday. (Amy Vogelsang Photo)

Continued sightings [auth] of Santa have been reported around Roswell — Saturday, he was seen outside Center City Bowling Lanes riding a bright purple motorcycle.

At the request of Center City Manager Lorenzo Cobos, Santa made a special trip to Roswell, he said.

“He invited me from the North Pole, and I brought my little elf,” Santa chuckled.

Riding with him, and helping to hold a large pack of toys, was his little helper elf, Jaida Chavez.

At 10, Chavez is still young in elf years, but she has already acquired the knack for pulling off big ears and a pointy green hat. She always wanted to be an elf, and now has spent three years as one of Santa’s helpers.

Of all the helpers, however, Chavez must be one of the more dedicated to ride with Santa all the way from the North Pole. Luckily, Santa said they made a lot of stops along the way.

Having a family day of bowling at the lanes, many kids started screaming and excitedly running around when they heard Santa was arriving.

One of the first to jump on Santa’s lap was Yoana Salas, 10, who asked for a marker maker for Christmas.

Salas also admitted that her favorite thing about Santa is the reindeer, especially Rudolph.

But it wasn’t only the kids who got excited. In fact, Santa said the little kids, after getting a present, are usually done with Santa; it is the adults who don’t let him leave.

And so some of the adults got in on the action as well. A beard and cowboy hat certainly didn’t stop Ed Stewart from sitting on Santa’s lap. He asked for good health, something everyone could probably use a little more of.

From the youngest to the oldest, Santa brought a little more Christmas spirit to the bowling lanes, preparing everyone for the festivities that will continue as Christmas continues to sneak closer.

“I love to see the people get their big smiles,” Santa exclaimed. “I love to see people just be happy.”

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