Army vet Espinoza now helps others get needed benefits

December 15, 2013 • Local News


Army veteran Eric Espinoza arrived in Roswell a year ago to begin work for the Wounded Warrior Program for the U.S. House of Representatives, and has since traveled across the region helping other veterans get the services they need.

But his most unforgettable moment so far was when he was able to finally deliver to a Roswell veteran a long-awaited service recognition.

“One of the most memorable events since I’ve been here was when I was able to get a Vietnam veteran his campaign medal 42 years after he earned it,” Espinoza said.

Espinoza was assigned to New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, held by Rep. Steve Pearce. He works from Pearce’s Roswell office, and commutes on weekends back home to his wife and children in El Paso.

Espinoza uses his expertise in military and veterans issues to aid Pearce in policy formation and in serving his active-duty and veteran constituents in New Mexico. He also serves as a field representative, attending events and meeting with District 2 constituents in southeastern New Mexico on Pearce’s behalf.

The Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program provides two-year fellowships with the House of Representatives. The program was established in 2008 and has provided employment for dozens of wounded or disabled veterans.

After growing up in Sweetwater, Texas, where his father was a cotton farmer, Espinoza entered the service in 1998. He Login to read more

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