UFO Museum to get makeover, movie prop

December 11, 2013 • Local News

Workers will soon start remodeling the exterior of the International UFO Museum and Research Center and install a new marquee. (Jill McLaughlin Photo)

Workers will soon start remodeling the exterior of the UFO Museum and Research Center, replacing the marquee and sign with its updated logo and creating a different look to the building.

“We’re in the process of redoing all of the outside,” said Executive Director Mark Briscoe. “They’re going to be putting in a new storefront to make it look more like one big building.”

The marquee and vertical sign will [auth] stay, but the logos will change, Briscoe said.

The new sign will prominently feature a giant green alien head with black eyes that will stare out onto Main Street. The vertical sign will include a flying saucer cutout at the top, with “UFO International Museum” written out.

“We’re not changing the shape of the sign because it goes with the building,” Briscoe said.

The outside will also get a facelift with new stucco that will blend the building’s appearance. One storefront will be removed and the building will take on a more uniform appearance, Briscoe said.

The meeting room at the end of the block near the park will remain open for the community to hold events.

“All of the awnings will be taken off,” Briscoe said. “The only awning left will be (outside the entrance).”

The interior will also get some upgrades in the near future, with touch screens and other modifications.

“We can’t change the story of 1947, but we’ll be modernizing it,” Briscoe said. “That’s what is being worked on now.”

A private donor in Albuquerque also recently donated a robot used in the movie “Aliens,” starring Sigourney Weaver. “Aliens,” released in 1986, was a sequel to the original, “Alien.” Weaver’s character climbed into the giant robot, or cargo loader, to fight the Xenomorph Queen.

The machine will become a fixture inside the museum.

A local contractor will do the work and the museum will remain open during the renovations. Some sections may be temporarily closed while work is in progress, but much of the construction will take place at night.

The museum will pay for the upgrades.

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