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December 5, 2013 • Local Business Review

Marilyn keeps abreast all of the changes in tax law by completeing a minimum of 30 hours a year continuing education and is a member of the New Mexico’s society of Enrolled Agents. The IRS designates Enrolled Agents as “American Tax Experts”. Call Marilyn at 627-5871.


Marilyn Cozzens emphasizes that her main philosophy is to protect her clients interests from the overzealous reach of the IRS. Also to see that each client pays the least amount of tax that they are legally required to pay. The IRS has been in the national news a lot recently for a variety of issues. The National Taxpayer Advocate has stated “in my view, the real crisis is not the generating headlines.

The real crisis facing the IRS and all taxpayers is a radically transformed IRS mission coupled with inadequate funding to accomplish their mission. As a consquence, the IRS gives limited consideration to taxpayer rights or fundamental tax administration principles as it [auth] struggles to get its job done”. “That is why its essential for taxpayers to have a knowledgeable advocate protecting their interests,” states Marilyn, I enjoy dealing with the IRS and looking out for my clients welfare.

The last thing a struggling taxpayer should have to face is an IRS collection officer, that may be undertrained because of budget constraints”. In addition “the IRS certainly does not have the taxpayers best interests at heart”, Marilyn says. Each year the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers. Most people feel intimidated and anxious when receiving mail from the IRS. “That is why it is important to let an enrolled agent assist you in immediately responding to any and all correspondence from the IRS and state taxing agencies,” Marilyn says.

Problems or issues are easier to resolve or handle at the beginning. “Do not ignore IRS or state notices,” Marilyn proclaims. They do not disappear on their own, but escalate rather quickly. Enrolled agents are uniquely positioned to not only provide excellent tax preparation but also outstanding client representation.

The IRS is increasingly referring to enrolled agents as America’s tax experts. Enrolled agents have passed a rigorous examination given by the IRS on all phases of taxation, including ethics, but are also required to have a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education each year to maintain their credential. Marilyn has always exceeded the amount of thirty hours of education as she feels it is essential to stay on the cutting edge of tax law changes and representation techniques to provide her clients with the absolute best service. “I get at least 24 hours each year in tax preparation and client representation. My clients are treated in a very professional manner and are provided with outstanding service” Marilyn states. Identity theft is another issue that can dramatically affect tax payers.

“Put an enrolled agent on your side to assist you in getting relief from the IRS or state if you are a victim of identity theft,” Marilyn says. It takes someone knowledgeable to help provide effective and timely taxpayer-centric relief. The Affordable Care Act has the potential to affect every tax payer. That is why Marilyn has begun an extensive study of ACA, so she will be on the cutting edge to assist her clients in navigating this law. The Affordable Care Act (popularly kn-own as Obama Care) started as 2,500 pages of legislation and is now over 20,000 pages.

“There are several provisions of the law that have already taken affect” , Marilyn says, “and that will take effect in 2014 and the following years”. With the changing climate of tax laws, “I would welcome the opportunity to provide tax and representation services to anyone that needs my expertise”, Marilyn says. You can reach Marilyn at 627-5871 for excellent tax service.­­

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