Mica the border collie follows her nose to a career in search and rescue

December 1, 2013 • Local News

Courtesy photo
Mica searches for items with human scent in a pile of rubble off Chickasaw Road in Hagerman.

Tess Townsend
Record Staff Writer

“Go search.”
Mica wanders the living room, sticking her nose into corners and sniffing. She lies down next to a cardboard box.
The box is one of a few lying around the home of Diane Whetsel and Cathy O’Dette in Roswell. Whetsel and O’Dette were in the process of moving to North Carolina at the time of Mica’s demonstration one week ago.
Whetsel tells Mica she is close but must continue looking.
The quest resumes and soon after, Mica lands on the object of her search. She lies down next to a shelving unit that holds a small open jar of teeth Whetsel collected from dentists’ offices.
Whetsel trains dogs who assist law enforcement, military and emergency personnel in searches for people, bombs and other subjects. Recently retired from work as a corrections officer at the Roswell Corrections Center, Whetsel also runs the Sage Foundation for Dogs Who Serve, a non-profit that raises funds to cover medical treatments of search dogs.
Mica, a 2-year-old border collie, is being trained by Whetsel to become a search-and-rescue dog. Specifically, Mica is learning to locate human Login to read more

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