Orban S. Waggoner

November 26, 2013 • Obituaries

Waggoner-ObitOrban S. Waggoner passed from this life to the next on Nov. 20, 2013. Orban was a lifelong farmer in the East Grand Plains area of the Pecos Valley. His parents, Benjamin Franklin Waggoner and Lenore Waggoner, were field workers in Oklahoma where Orban was born in 1918. They left Oklahoma in a covered wagon, settling in Roswell when Orban was 4 years old.

Life was not easy in those days. They lived in a wooden shack, using old newspaper to fill cracks in the walls to keep the blowing dirt out. As Orban described it, “The poor people called us poor.”

The Waggoner children worked with their parents in the apple orchards and cotton fields. At age 18, Orban moved out and hired on for a local farmer as a field hand, Login to read more

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