A battered Israel resumes campaign against Iran

November 25, 2013 • World News

Israeli air force F-16 wait in line to take off from Ovda airbase near Eilat, southern Israel, Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 during the Blue Flag exercise. The Israeli military says the Blue Flag exercise is an international air force drill, a first of its kind, hosted by Israel at the Ovda airbase near Eilat with the participation of the Israeli, American, Greek and Italian combat planes. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

JERUSALEM (AP) — Having lost its battle to stop the international deal reached this week on Iran’s nuclear program, Israeli officials are already picking up the pieces and planning a fight to shape a final agreement that negotiators hope to reach in six months.

Israeli officials say the final deal must go beyond freezing Iran’s program and roll back the achievements they say has made the Islamic Republic a threshold weapons state. From Israel’s perspective, the world powers must show they have not been duped by Iran’s campaign of amiability and still have the stomach to press on with crippling sanctions if needed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who believes Iran is determined to produce a nuclear bomb, harshly condemned Sunday’s agreement between Iran and six world powers as a “historic mistake” and said Israel was not bound by the deal.

In exchange for some relief from economic sanctions, Iran agreed to curb most of its nuclear activities while negotiations on a final agreement proceed during the next six months. But most of its nuclear infrastructure, including its ability to enrich uranium, a Login to read more

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