Holiday Super Blitz is state’s effort to prevent DUI accidents

November 23, 2013 • Local News

After being hit by a drunk driver in 2011, Amy Ashlyn needed help getting out of her Jeep Cherokee. (Courtesy Photo)

It’s 6:30 p.m. on the 18th of December. It’s already dark. Going a steady 55 mph, the headlights come out of nowhere. There is nothing Amy Ashlyn can do.

Shattering glass echoes from broken windows as two vehicles collide, first ramming the front, then, the sides before her Jeep Cherokee slides 40 feet off the highway.

She is trapped. With her right thigh broken and two breaks in her left arm, Ashlyn cannot move at all. Strangers are the first on the scene to see if she is all right, at which point she panics about the two little dogs in her back seat.

“The scariest part is that the side of my car hit the side of his car … and when the windows broke, I could hear the four children in his back seat scream,” Ashlyn said.

She was in the accident in 2011, just a week before Christmas. It could have been avoided.

The man in the other vehicle was driving drunk.

As the holiday season begins, so do the parties and, in many cases, the drinking. Unfortunately, too many situations such as Ashlyn’s happen because people attempt to drive while under the influence.

To help catch DUI cases and hopefully reduce the number of alcohol related accidents, New Mexico will be having its annual Holiday Super Blitz: a series of checkpoints to help get drunk Login to read more

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