Goluska’s work is never done — but she still finds time for fun

November 23, 2013 • Local News


A relaxing weekend on the beach isn’t something most people would turn down, but it’s not really Deborah Goluska’s style.

Sure, one may need vacations and some breaks from life, but for Goluska, staying busy is in her nature.

From Altrusa and 30 years in Beta Sigma Phi to work with the Republican Party and being a member of the Historical Society, Goluska spends her time involved in almost every club and foundation around Roswell.

“I’ve served on probably every committee there is,” she admitted. Usually, she works as treasurer because she “keeps a clean set of books.”

No one rivals her organization, and she uses that talent along with experience to manage oil and gas properties for others who inherit the properties, but know nothing about the field. She has done this successfully for 24 years.

But it’s not just oil and gas properties she is knowledgeable about: she grew up in a world of politics.

When she was young, Goluska helped her parents with political campaigns, even stuffing [auth] envelopes as a toddler.

“I learned how to wallpaper with campaign signs,” she laughed. “It’s been in my blood.”

And it remains a huge part of her life. As a member of Republican Women, she helps educate people.

“We don’t tell people how to vote, but we give them opportunities to hear councilmen,” she explained. “If I wouldn’t stand next to a person and call (him or her) a friend, I don’t vote.”

Although she said politics have been in her life since she was a “toddler,” Goluska has always been an older spirit, she said. Quite the contrary to her mother.

Her mom, only 19 when Goluska was born, was like her sister, making it even more difficult when she passed away earlier this year.

But Goluska remembers her mom fondly as one who never grew up.

“I outpaced her at seven,” Goluska chuckled. “I became an adult at seven. (She) was the one who loved to have fun. I’m not the fun side of any equation. I take care of organizing and details.”

But she isn’t all work. When she and her husband want to get away they usually retreat to Ruidoso and can sometimes be found shooting some pool at Farley’s.

The problem? As she finished her cup of coffee — not her first cup that morning —she said the problem with weekends away is that she can’t sit and do nothing.

“I never have that period where there is nothing to do,” she stated. “And if there is, I pick up a book.”

Book are her true passion. If she isn’t running around for a political campaign or keeping track of money for a company or club, she is lost in a book.

Although she isn’t really into sports (unless it’s a biography) she’ll pretty much read “anything someone throws at me.”

So when she does get to Ruidoso, it’s with a book in hand.

“A book by the river: that’s how I unwind,” she said.

Books are also one of the only things she will shop for. In general, she hates shopping. She doesn’t mind the actual purchasing of items — online shopping is great — but she doesn’t care much for meandering through a store.

“I’m not one to wander,” she said. “I don’t have time to wander; but I will wander in a book store.”

But even books aren’t quite enough to keep her occupied. She just doesn’t sit still well.

“There are so many things I want to do in life, and not enough time,” she said.

So she stays involved.

This explains part of the reason her name is known in almost every club. But she is not just a name. If she is a member of a club, she does her part.

“If I’m involved in your group, I’m involved,” she proclaimed.

And for those who say there is nothing to do in Roswell, Goluska proves quite the opposite.

“Roswell has everything to offer,” she said. A look at her schedule would quickly confirm that.

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