‘TAILED’ series set for Thanksgiving premiere

November 19, 2013 • Local News

The cast and crew of the local film series, “TAILED,” anxiously await the web show’s release Thanksgiving Day. From left to right: writer Boyd Barrett, Director Donovan Fulkerson and actors Dominic Batista and Rachel Graves. (Amy Vogelsang Photo)

The long awaited premiere of the local Web series is fin[auth] ally almost over.

After you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey and are too tired to do anything but sit, on Nov. 28 — Thanksgiving Day —”TAILED” will be there to watch, launching publicly for the first time at 2 p.m. MST.

Although the episodes will eventually require payment to be downloaded and watched from iTunes, the first episode will be free.

It will be just enough to clinch your interest.

The first showing of the pilot episode was Nov. 9, when sponsors had the opportunity to see what this show is all about. It was only thanks to the community and sponsors that it ever got off the ground, said director Donovan Fulkerson.

“I love what’s happening in Albuquerque; I love what’s happening in Santa Fe (…) But I want to see it happen here,” he said.

Roswell is a unique place for filming, and 95 to 97 percent of “TAILED” consisted of locals, from actors to editing to special effects.

Fulkerson said the community has come together to make “TAILED” one of hopefully many locally made series to come, but more help and sponsors are still in desperate need if the endeavor is to continue.

Four weekends of shooting to create two episodes costs roughly almost $15,000, and that’s without paying anyone involved.

“We need people to say we’re proud of what you’re doing,” Fulkerson said.

Although they haven’t made profit yet, that is something to look forward to.

“This is a great opportunity for this community,” said Mayor Del Jurney of the sprouting Web series. “Quite by accident we really may have landed on a gold mine here (…) I want to be a cheerleader on the sideline (…) this is a reason for people to pay attention to this community.”

Really, that is one objective: to bring Roswell the attention it’s due regarding the film industry.

In a cross analysis Fulkerson has done of Roswell over the past two years, films that have been brought in for film festivals and the like have had a several million dollar impact on the city.

Fulkerson, along with the series writer Boyd Barrett, said it’s not just locally made. “TAILED” will have some unique New Mexico tie-ins and twists, including the sci-fi element that is so common in Roswell.

“We focus on a strong story, and then tease the audience with some sci-fi,” Fulkerson elaborated.

To help raise money, “TAILED” will be selling $15 lime-green shirts that ask ominously, “Are you being TAILED?”

But as the series prepares to kick off, Fulkerson reminds the public that if there is anyone who wants to help, they welcome all ideas to promote the series, gain exposure and continue the professional endeavor.

Visit the website,, or the Facebook page to watch the first episode and check for teasers of future episodes of “TAILED.” In spring 2014, keep an eye on iTunes for more episodes.

For more information, to help sponsor or to volunteer in any way, call Fulkerson at 817-946-5689.

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