City Council to hear updates on revenue

November 13, 2013 • Local News

City councilors will be updated on several activities today at their regular meeting, including increases in Lodger’s Tax revenue and city gross receipt taxes.

Several city departments are expected to deliver reports. According to a Lodger’s Tax report, the city collected 15.4 percent more revenue to date this year than last. This month’s check was $93,330, compared to last year’s monthly check [auth] of $78,633.

Lodger’s Tax totals have increased steadily. In fiscal year 2011, the city collected $855,150. In fiscal year 2012, revenues were $899,147. In 2013, $973,173 was received.

Annual gross receipt tax received has also inched up slightly from year to year, according to staff reports. The increase this year to date is .72 percent. This month’s check is $2,416,541. Last year’s monthly check was $2,398,219.

In fiscal year 2012, the city collected $27,741,121, compared to fiscal year 2013, when the city received $27,861,130.

The council will also consider another extension of a four-year lease for the Boys & Girls Club at $1 a year. The current lease on the building on South Garden Avenue expires Nov. 30.

Councilors will also consider advertising for a public hearing on the proposed adoption to amend a zoning ordinance with changes that include locations of mobile homes, travel trailers, recreation and oversized vehicles outside of approved districts.

Other changes include the removal of a special-use permit requirement for medical marijuana distribution centers in certain commercial districts and would ultimately prohibit the centers.

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