‘Same Time Next Year’ an emotional roller coaster

November 12, 2013 • Local News

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It’s not often you can go to the theatre and see a live performance that can have you laughing out loud one moment and then suddenly teary eyed the next. But “Same Time Next year” took me on that roller coaster of emotion.

Roswell Community Little Theatre’s production, directed by Curtis Folts and starring Lynetta Zuber and Michael Christopher, is a wonderful show simply about humanity and human nature.

For those who are [auth] unfamiliar with the story, it is about a man and a woman, who meet on the same weekend every year for the anniversary of their one-night-stand, even though they are each married to someone else.

It is an interesting concept. How can the taboo subject of an affair be portrayed in a positive light? Well, despite any personal opinions on the matter, I fell in love with the characters. The man and woman, George and Doris, were instantly relatable. They were so human in their behaviors, feelings and thoughts that I recognized parts of myself in them.

But the writer could have only taken these characters so far. Zuber and Christopher did an amazing job of bringing them to life. They were not simply two characters on a stage. They were real people, and when they were filled with joy I smiled; when they were heart broken I cried.

Whether or not you agree with the idea of an entire play based on an illicit affair, I challenge you to see the play. I almost guarantee you will leave at the end feeling enlightened, and possibly even unveiling something about yourself.

“Same Time Next year” will be showing at Roswell Little Theatre, 1717 S. Union, this weekend at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and at 2 p.m. Sunday.

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