Osmani: Dedicated to medicine, devoted to family

November 10, 2013 • Local News


Specialist in orthopedic and spine surgery, Dr. Omar Osmani spoke about his investment not only in his patients, but in the community. Like many, he is a transplant; he came [auth] to live in Roswell with his wife and three children around 10 years ago.

He and his family have made a home here and have found Roswell a welcoming place. His daughters, Sabah and Noor, attend Goddard High School. Before his son Nizar left to college, he also went to Goddard.

The family stands for academic excellence. The eldest, Nizar went to University of Miami on a scholarship. Sabah and Noor are at top of their class. Noor won the HOBY Leadership Award.

All three are musicians. All three play piano and won many competitions. Big brother Nizar also plays French horn, guitar, accordion. Sabah plays flute, and Noor plays violin.

Osmani admits to playing guitar, but added: “Just for myself.”

Wife Sana is a runner and the couple runs three times a week. They belong to Roswell Runners Club.

“I placed second in my age category in the Pecos Valley Round up this last weekend,” Osmani said.

Besides being a devoted family man, he is also dedicated to medicine. Osmani just opened a spine and orthopedic center. Sana is his business manager.

“My wife has always been my manager, but now it’s official,” Osmani quipped.

Osmani comes from a long line of doctors. His grandfather was a pediatrician. His father specialized in orthopedics. Osmani grew up following his father around his office. He even helped holding legs when his father was setting bones.

Osmani estimates he was between 10 and 11 years old when he went into the operating theater to observe his father at work.

He laughed. “I was interested in orthopedics, but I was not sure about medicine. Mathematics was my passion.”

Osmani received his basic education at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon. He graduated with distinction. He came to the United States to study. He spent seven years in orthopedic surgery, one year specializing in the spine at the Leatherman Spine Center in Louisville, Ky., and one year specializing in joints replacement surgery.

He learned about keyhole surgery, endoscopic-laser surgery, from the pioneering Dr. Anthony Yeung, of Arizona. Osmani started doing the procedure in 2009. The surgery requires only local anesthesia. The patient is awake during the surgery and able to walk immediately after the procedure is completed.

“It is minimally invasive. I want to do what is better for the patient. That is my driving force. There are so many different problems that contribute to back pain. You need the right candidate for the right surgery.”

Yeung donated money to University of New Mexico to train others in this specialized skill. His protégé, Osmani, is the only doctor in New Mexico who does this pioneering surgery. He has been approached by the UNM Center of Excellence to teach this technique.

His priority is his patients. “I have allegiance to my patients and the community. I treat them with compassion. I want success for each and every one of them. I want to touch their lives. This is my reward.”

Osmani is starting the first orthopedic walk-in clinic in Roswell, which treats breaks and complete simple surgeries without the patient or the family having to pay emergency room and hospital fees. He is working with a nurse practitioner to staff it. “This is my vision,” he said.

This love of medicine, he has passed on to at least two of his children. Nizar is taking biology at the University of Miami. Sabah also plans to go into medicine. Noor remains undecided.

Nizar’s choice of college has allowed Osmani to indulge in other hobbies, sailing and windsurfing. In New Mexico, where oceans are lacking, Osmani goes power kiting at Cielo Grande. He is also a hunter of small game, quail and doves, and large game, such as bison in Cimarron and elk at Ted Turner’s ranch.

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