Couple’s health concerns leave five cats in need of new owners

November 9, 2013 • Local News

A Country Club Animal Hospital worker holds Inky, one of five cats available for adoption. (Courtesy Photo)

A Gentiva Hospice patient and her husband have run into some hard times, leaving five cats orphaned.

The elderly Roswell couple (unnamed to protect their privacy) haven’t had it easy. For a while now, the husband has been under high stress and struggling with [auth] his memory. Then, about two weeks ago, his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer.

The sudden upheaval forced them to relinquish their five pet cats to the Country Club Animal Hospital. Now, the hospital is looking for loving families to adopt the cats.

The oldest at 13 years, 6 months is Sadie, a gray domestic long-haired cat. She is the only long-haired feline; the rest are short-haired.

Albert and Annie are both a little more than 9 years old. Albert is black and white and Annie is the color of a tortoise shell.

Another black and white feline, Simon, is almost 6 years old, and the youngest, at 4 years, is the male feline Inky.

“One of her last wishes is for her kitties to have a good, safe home,” said Bev Bucklew with Gentiva Hospice.

If anyone is interested in adopting the cats, or wants more information, call Bev Bucklew at 806-549-3636, through Wednesday. If it is later than Wednesday, call the Country Club Animal Hospital, 301 W. Country Club Rd., at 623-9191.

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