Stop order denial means Valley Meat can open

November 2, 2013 • Local News

A federal judge denied a lawsuit Friday by animal rights groups against the USDA, lifting the final barrier for Roswell to become home to possibly the nation’s first horse slaughterhouse to open since 2007.

“This is great for Valley Meat,” said attorney Blair Dunn. “This means they go to work. They’re going to try to get open as soon as they can.”

Dunn represents Valley Meat and a second operation, Rains Natural Meats of Gallatin, Mo.

Valley Meat’s owner Rick De Los Santos is lining up horses, employees and working with the USDA to prepare to open.

Valley Meat could begin processing horses within the next week, Dunn said.

“It’s been an uphill battle,” Dunn said. “It looks like the law is finally headed in the right direction.”

Albuquerque Federal District Court Judge Christina Armijo ordered to deny a lawsuit filed by the Humane Society of the United States and other groups against the USDA. The suit sought to stop the federal government from inspecting horse meat Login to read more

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