Oasis Computers warns of new computer scam, virus

November 1, 2013 • Local News

There have once [auth] again been reports of computer hacking and fraud through telephone calls, according to Oasis Computers office manager September Bosch.

There were previous reports of deceiving calls claiming personal computers were at risk to gain information from the call receiver.

Hackers are again calling, claiming that computers are infected, but they then gain access to the computer, install a password and lock computer users out of their own devices.

Saying the computer is infected is just a scare tactic, and the only way someone could actually know about a computer infection is by already having access to that computer, Bosch said.

“Please do not continue a conversation with these people,” she said. “Just hang up.”

There also is a virus going around that allows a hacker to gain access to documents and photos from a computer, and then hold them for ransom for $300.

Bosch wants to remind people to update their anti-virus software and be leery of websites visited.

For more information, call Oasis Computers at 625-9141.

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