Group of families allege misconduct and intimidation in school district

October 30, 2013 • Local News

The original article dropped the word “district” in a sentence, thus changing its meaning. Twenty-two teaching positions are open district-wide. No individual school is lacking 22 teachers, as was implied. 

A group of Roswell Independent School District families recently raised concerns with the district over teacher conduct, safety issues and their feelings that the district has intimidated them.

The group is mostly made up of parents, who say teachers have called students names and some say physical abuse has occurred in the district, in addition to other issues.

“My child is afraid of going to school,” said Ana Jimenez, parent of a fourth- grader at Pecos Elementary School. “Help us.”

She made the comment during an open session meeting led by Superintendent Tom Burris on Oct. 17.

Fourteen people representing nine families attended to air complaints.

Burris said a week after the meeting that he cannot ignore parents’ allegations but thinks it is unlikely that physical abuse or name-calling occurred.

“I take all that with a grain of salt,” he said specifically of name-calling claims.

Meeting attendees claimed that teachers had called students “punks” and said they were Login to read more

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  1. babyray says:

    come on now. u know the sypt. will cover the principals ass. the majority of students are hispanic. The principal doesnt care about them. Give her the boot!

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