Review: McConaughey better than ever in ‘Dallas’

October 29, 2013 • Entertainment

This image released by Focus Features shows Jennifer Garner in a scene from “Dallas Buyers Club.” (AP Photo/Focus Features, Anne Marie Fox)

The best parts of “Dallas Buyers Club” are of Matthew McConaughey, as HIV-positive Texas man Ron Woodroof, bucking like a bull in a Dallas hospital he refuses to let hold him.

Woodroof is a self-declared “goddamn rodeo.” He’s a cowboy hat-wearing, middle finger-flipping trailer park rat who spends his time fornicating, drinking, doing drugs and evading his debtors. Our first image of him (in what he’ll later recall as the moment of his HIV infection), is spied through the panels of a dark rodeo pen while he has sex with a blonde. He’s too messed up to much notice when a large man slides in behind him.

When Woodroof, an electrician, later turns up in the hospital, he’s diagnosed with HIV (this is 1985, early in the AIDS crisis). With a T-cell count of just nine, he’s told that he has 30 Login to read more

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