Malone honored for Assurance Home work

October 22, 2013 • Local News

Assurance Home’s Ron “Pop” Malone holds a plaque honoring his “Three Decades of Service” while surrounded by his wife, Brenda Malone (white blouse, dark skirt), child care worker Bobby Witchley (cowboy hat) and the kids at Assurance Home at its fundraiser Sunday, sponsored by Peas ‘N’ Pod Catering, Sunday. (Amy Vogelsang Photo)

“Act Naturally” played in the background as people socialized and gathered under a large white canopy. The white table-clothed round tables were accented with teal cowboy boots and bright sunflowers, the perfect way to remind everyone that it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. And it was also a special occasion: The fundraiser for Assurance Home and James Ranch Youth Shelter, an event sponsored by Peas ‘N’ Pod Catering from Santa Fe.

Although the delicious meal was a “simple” barbecue, the cause was much greater. Complete with an art sLogin to read more

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