Alien abductee to return to Roswell

October 22, 2013 • Local News

Roswell will gather today to celebrate the replacement of the alien child who vanished early in July from John Cerney’s mural south of Roswell. There has been conjecture that the alien doll the child was clutching contacted the mother ship and they were beamed up with the doll.

“We had hoped it would leave a trail of Reese’s Pieces to find it’s way back home,” said Roswell Chamber of Commerce Director Dorrie Faubus-McCarty.

Chaves County Sheriff’s Office investigated the abduction. Lt. Britt Snyder expressed concern for the safety of the child. He said then: “Who knows? Somewhere out there the poor baby could be [auth] probed even as we speak.”

Artist and alien godfather Cerney of Salinas, Calif., said that for him, the disappearance was personally trying. When he heard that the search was on for Alien Junior, he thought it was unlikely to be returned. “You can’t prevent someone from taking it. It is probably sitting in someone’s basement, garage or rec room right now. All my murals are my babies and this one had a hole in it, so I had to replace it.”

“The entire town mourned the loss and we want to thank the community for their concern. We’ve received lots of calls and e-mails,” Faubus-McCarty said.

The new alien child is an identical twin of the first and Cerney is already experiencing separation anxiety over his progeny as it winds its way to Roswell.

Faubus-McCarty predicted that the child would be beamed back, just in time for the welcoming ceremony at 9 a.m. this morning.

Bill Marley will replace the child on his ranch along Hwy 285, filling the gap that its loss has made in the hearts of the citizens of Roswell. The area around the mural will have increased security, but Marley will not deny access. Faubus-McCarty explained one of the best things for Marley to see is “children coming to get their pictures taken with the alien family.”

The entire town is invited to attend the reunion of parents and child.

Meanwhile, the parents want to assure the community that they are a close-knit family and the child’s disappearance was not part of any custody dispute.

Crime Stoppers even offered a reward for the abductee’s return. “We got no calls to Crime Stoppers and no calls to the Sheriff’s office. It’s such a shame,” said Faubus-McCarty.

Still she has not given up hope. “If someone returns the first one, then we’ll have twins.”

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