ABC and Univision’s love child bursts to life

October 19, 2013 • Entertainment

In this Thursday, Oct. 18 2013 photo, Dax Tejera, the Executive Producer of Fusion’s “America with Jorge Ramos”, conducts an early morning editorial meeting at the Miami studio. The long-awaited, sorta Hispanic love child of ABC and Univision networks will be birthed Oct. 28. Fusion, as it’s called, is one of the most experimental television ventures in recent history. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter)

MIAMI (AP) — The long-awaited DNA exchange between ABC and Univision emerges from the test tube this month, aiming to stretch the limits of traditional network programming. The English-language television network, called Fusion, will target millennial Hispanics and their BFFs as it attempts to capitalize on a generation for which cultural fusion is the norm and digital media is king.

The network will provide something of a grab bag: a mix of hard news, commentary, sports and irreverence aimed at 16- to 30-year-olds. Sure, there will be nightly news programs, but also an animated puppet news and entertainment show by David Javerbaum, former head writer of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Think Comedy Central, the hipster online magazine, ABC and Univision, all in one.

“Not everyone will get it; and that’s sort of the point,” Univision News President and now Fusion CEO Isaac Lee wrote in a memo to staff earlier this month.

To “get” what Fusion is attempting, it helps to tour its home and meet the players:


The green and blue mood-lighting of the warehouse-turned-news hub known as Newsport suggests Miami Beach club over newsroom. Like millennials who can’t afford to move out on their own, Fusion shares the cavernous space with Spanish-language parent Univision News. Senior staff members gather for brainstorming sessions in brightly painted and glass-walled rooms overlooking the newsroom.

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