No joke — Mike Walsh lives to entertain

October 18, 2013 • Local News

A huge fan of Roswell’s walk/runs, Mike Walsh walks in the annual Alien Chase. A former Marine and recently retired air traffic controller, Walsh likes to amuse others, “to keep you entertained,” he’ll say. (Courtesy Photo)

“Despite appearances, I am not old enough to have been in Vietnam.” It’s a phrase he likes to tell people. Maybe this is because his white mustache matches curly white hair tucked neatly behind his ears and scrapes against the back of his shirt collar. Or maybe it’s because it makes people laugh. It’s safe to guess it’s the latter, even if the former is still true.

It’s probably also for this latter reason that, when his white beard grows out and Christmas draws near, he claims kids will start pointing to him and saying, “Look, mama! Santa!”

This is just how Mike Walsh tells it. And whether true or not, it earns him smiles and a couple chuckles and really that’s his whole goal.

Walsh’s mantra is to amuse, “to keep you entertained,” he’ll say.

But what does it mean to entertain? Some use it in regards to holding house parties; a sort of Gatsby gathering comes to mind. But entertaining could also mean to draw out smiles, laughter and enjoyment from surrounding people. For Walsh, entertaining is a combination of these two.

He is often found hosting get-togethers at his house with the help of his wife, Cathy. His magical beans, addicting chile con queso or his own tweaked version of M&M’s pasta are all recipes for which friends have begged.

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