Necropsy finds 5 fish hooks in dolphin in Hawaii

October 18, 2013 • Business

This Oct. 12, 2013 photo taken in Kaneohe, Hawaii and provided by Hawaii Pacific University shows five fish hooks found inside the stomach of a dead false killer that washed ashore at South Point a week earlier. Scientists are still trying to determine why the animal, a member of a small population of dolphins declared endangered last year, died. (AP Photo/Hawaii Pacific University,Erin Hanahoe )

HONOLULU (AP) — A rare dolphin found dead on a remote Hawaii beach earlier this month swallowed five fish hooks, but they apparently didn’t cause its death.

A necropsy of the dolphin — called a false killer whale — showed the hooks were floating in its stomach along with the partially digested remains of a large marlin, some tuna and several types of squid.

The hooks weren’t embedded in the stomach lining and there’s no evidence they caused the Login to read more

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