Pre-employment fingerprinting process to change

October 8, 2013 • Local News

Jessica Palmer
Record Staff Writer

Starting Nov. 1, the Roswell Police Department, the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office and New Mexico St[auth] ate Police will no longer perform pre-employment fingerprinting and background checks. The process is being computerized and local law enforcement do not have the required software.

For the rest of the month, the CCSO, the NMSP and the RPD will continue to offer these services on their standard days — Thursday at the Sheriff’s Office, Wednesday afternoon at State Police Headquarters on West Second Street and all day on Wednesdays at the Police Department.

The Department of Public Safety has contracted with 3M Cogent to take advantage of the National WebCheck, a fingerprint-based applicant background check system that was developed to support the electronic processing of criminal background checks at state and federal levels. Fingerprint and background checks are electronically generated. The software requires three complete scans, both hands and two thumbs. From this data, the individual prints are extracted and validated to ensure their conformity to FBI specifications if a national background search is required for the applicant. The scans are then submitted to the state.

The Roswell outlet for this service will be the UPS Store at 115 E. College Blvd. Certified store manager Debi McDougal said they would receive all the equipment required in the next week and complete Cogent’s training program.

“We are offering this service during the full store hours, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays,” McDougal said.

The FBI criminal history background check should take no longer than two weeks. If the employer does not receive the background check within this time frame, they should call the New Mexico Department of Public Safety at 505-827-9193 or email

Those who need to get fingerprinted after Nov.1, may need to think ahead.

Department of Health applicants will go through the facility or employer who will be responsible for registering applicants. The DOH employee should contact their facility for details. The employer will provide the applicant with a document control number.

“Usually, the employer will register the applicant, but that depends upon the size of the business,” said McDougal.

The private company can register the employee, but some may hold individuals responsible to provide information to the employer. Cogent has two options for individual registration, on-line or by phone. If registering on-line go to the Cogent website, at, choose New Mexico and then click “Register Online for a Background Check.” Once the registration process is complete, the applicant will receive a registration ID number. To register by phone, call: 1-877-996-6277.

The registration is good for 90 days. The customer needs to present the registration ID or the employer supplied document control number, along with valid photo identification, to College Boulevard UPS Store. No appointments are required.

According to McDougal, payments can be made with debit or credit card, by check or money order made out to 3M Cogent.

Please visit the New Mexico Department of Public Safety’s website ( for more information.

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