Police, fire departments vital to city

October 7, 2013 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

In reference to the article about the RFD receiving the improved ISO rating, this is a great milestone for our [auth] city and the RFD. It shows that with not only proper resources but also with the right leadership, Roswell can show improvement in the city safety area.

Most people might not realize this, but this ISO improvement does help businesses in Roswell. In my business, the home insurance industry, this rating can help companies that use the ISO systems for home insurance ratings. This is a clear-cut line how improvement in city safety helps local businesses and the citizens of Roswell benefit. It is just hard to understand as a citizen who was born and raised in Roswell how the city and the police department cannot show this type of improvement.

We are one of the top six fire departments in the state, but we lack so much in the police department column.

The police department has the largest budget in the city. Yes, more than the fire department and the police department is smaller by numbers. So where is the disconnect on the return for the citizens of Roswell’s money? Is it in city hall or in the department? I know for a fact that we do have some fine police officers in our city, but there has been a revolving door in the administration of the police department.

Our city is once again in search of a police chief and Roswell needs someone who can show the kind of leadership we have received in the fire department. The people of Roswell need to pay attention during this time as we are at a crucial point when crime is discouraging potential businesses and people from locating to our All American City. We must demand that the elected officials hire someone who is invested in the community and wants the best for the department and the city of Roswell.

We should not be the stepping stone for someone’s political ambitions. We have already lost too many good officers who were passed over because of one’s political connections rather than their abilities to motivate the department and move forward.

Caleb T. Grant

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