Not all alleys created equal

October 7, 2013 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

As a taxpayer I would like to know why streets north of College [auth] are treated different than south of College? Even the alleys are graded, gravel put down, some are even paved. We have to cut the weeds down on our alleys or we get a letter to clean the weeds. Our streets are called slurry streets because we don’t have curbs, sidewalks.

Every two years we get a coat of “slurry” to keep the rest from washing away when it rains. They seem to find money to repave Main Street, north of College, new curbs, ramps for disabled (which is good) turning lanes, etc. If tourists to our All American City would just drive four blocks east or west and look at our slurry streets, they wouldn’t think much about our “All American City.” My taxes just help pay for drivers for our out-of-state visitors, I guess.

These slurry streets have been like this since the 1950s, but other sections of town get paved alleys, etc. and all we get is slurry! I would like to see our alleys graded, gravel put down, curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons, etc., so when it rains, our slurry street doesn’t wash down to 12th Street.

Thank you,
Steve Ortega
Registered tax payer

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