Two charged in rash of vehicle burglaries

October 2, 2013 • Local News

The Roswell Police Department issued another arrest warrant on Monday for Tyrone Williams, 30, for another 13 counts of vehicle burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary. The warrant was served to Williams at the Chaves County Detention Center, where he was being held on three counts of vehicle burglary and one count of larceny.

The additional charges resulted from the successful viewing held at the RPD on Sept. 17 and 18 when victims were able to claim their goods and file an incident report if they had not already.

Accomplice Angelina Mcmanaway, 23, has been charged with three counts of larceny. The criminal complaint filed with Magistrate Court on Oct. 1, reported that she was arrested on Aug. 21 in the 700 block of South Pine Avenue, indicating that she was associated with the burglaries in that area.

The court [auth] documents attributed thefts to Williams and Mcmanaway dating back to July 24, with nightly excursions for the pair starting on Aug. 20 through 24 and Aug. 26 though 29. The couple hit two separate hotels: the Days Inn, 1310 N. Main St., on Aug 27; and the Belmont Inn, 3008 N. Main St., reported on Sept. 1. Other days included Aug. 17 and Sept. 3 and 17.

According to the court records, witnesses at several of the incidents gave an accurate description of the vehicle, a tan GMC truck with New Mexico plates MNR561. One was able to describe the male and female subjects inside the truck. Another observed Mcmanaway try the doors on every vehicle in a single block. Surveillance video footage from the Days Inn showed Williams and Mcmanaway walk over to a truck and remove items from both trailer and bed. Other surveillance videos were turned over to the police showing the couple stop at one vehicle after another.

On Aug. 29, detectives served a search warrant for a room at the Crane Motel, where Williams and Mcmanaway were seen entering a room that had been registered in the young woman‘s name. A separate warrant, served on Sept. 4, allowed officials to search the pickup that had been towed from the Crane parking lot. On Sept. 5, a search was served on Mcmanaway’s residence on East Country Club Road. Items recovered during the searches included: weapons, CDs, stereos, DVD players, vehicle documentation and registration, passports, credit cards, books, jewelry, cash, wallets, copper wire, tools and car keys.

The locations listed in the court records included the from 1300 block of West Third Street, 1800 block of North Cambridge Avenue, 400 block of South Saucedo Avenue, 500 block of La Fonda Drive, 3300 block Trailing Heart Drive, 1200 block of West McGaffey Street, 3000 block of North La Jolla Lane, 400 block of Tierra Berrenda, East Sky Loop, Deborah Drive, 100 block of East 19th Street, 700 block of South Pine Avenue and Red Bluff Road.

During the viewing, Det. Ricky Romero said that every vehicle hit had been left unlocked or had items left unprotected in the beds of trucks. He urged people to lock their vehicles.

Incident reports from the period revealed other vehicle thefts occurring on many of the same streets, such as Trailing Heart, McGaffey, and La Jolla Lane. If anyone believes that he or she were victims, they could contact lead investigator Romero at 575-624-6770.

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