NM principal emails confidential info by mistake

October 1, 2013 • State News

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — An Albuquerque school principal mistakenly emailed confidential student information on failed tests and [auth] she’s apologizing for it.

Albuquerque Public Schools says Volcano Vista High Principal Valerie Atencio likely won’t be punished because she didn’t send the confidential information intentionally.

KRQE-TV ( ) reports that Atencio on Saturday sent an email to the parents of 176 students to tell them the schedules for the students to retake end-of-course exams.

She intended to only identify the students by their school-issued ID numbers.

However, she inadvertently included attachments that identified students by names and the courses they failed and must retake.

Atencio notified her supervisors of the mistake right away and apologized by email Monday to the parents.

School district spokeswoman Monica Armenta say the district knows parents have a right to be angry.

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