Police Dept. launches two new websites

September 27, 2013 • Local News

The Roswell Police Department has launched two new websites. The first is an upgraded version of the old RPD website, The second is a link to a police-to-citizen website. The website is called RPD P2C. “P2C” stands for “Police 2 Citizen.” The site will allow the public to access PDF (Portable Document Format) versions of incident and accident reports. [auth] Some of the sections available on the site include mug shots, arrest reports and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

A search of the P2C site for incidents or crimes revealed that the person must know the case number, names and address. Thus, if the individual does not already know about a crime and just wants to see, for example, what may be happening in their neighborhood on a given day the website does not give this information. Attempts to look up a neighborhood or a street failed and returned the user back to the original dialogue box requesting case number. The website does not give a list of crimes, such as on the police blotter.

According to the RPD release, P2C is a first in New Mexico. The website does provide a means to contact the police department. The tab of events lists arrests for that day. The arrest tab gives an expanded list of arrests, with over 400 entries. It also provides pictures of most, if not all, of the people arrested.

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