First day of festival cheesy and breezy

September 27, 2013 • Local News

Clarabelle Romero of Harvest Gifts hangs chile pequin on the first day of the Chile Cheese Festival, Friday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

Once again, the Chile Cheese Festival brought people out from their houses and offices to enjoy some fresh air, music and food Friday. With the heat of summer finally starting to wane, even the breeze was nice as it kept the afternoon pleasantly cool.

Of course, being Roswell, the “breeze” frequently turned to gusts of wind, adding a unique dynamic to the festivities.

“We’re out enjoying the day, just not the wind,” laughed Lynda Woodruff, who attended the festival with her friend Anne Walker. [auth] Being in Roswell since the ‘70s, Walker is a returning attendee.

“I’m at everything that goes on,” she stated. But she said they “just decided to come out and eat some junk food.”

Although Walker has been to many events in town, including the Chile Cheese Festival, Woodruff was new to the festivities. But she said she was really enjoying it, especially the music. She does wish she had done the Leprino Cheese Plant tour, but there will be time for that next year.

Meanwhile, sitting back away from the music stage, another first-timer, Sabrina Payne, also was enjoying the weather, music and people.

“I’m having a great time listening to the music,” she said. “They have a good mixture of music. There have been a couple songs I didn’t recognize, but most of them I do.”

Payne and her husband, seeing themselves in retirement, decided to invest in a Bouncy Castle. It’s their first time setting up at the Chile Cheese Festival, but they also made an appearance at the Piñata Fest.

And she loves it.

“I’ll see a little one say, ‘Oh, I have to do that!’” And the castle, although not the largest, is 13 feet by 13 feet, and can hold 800 pounds. That’s roughly eight kids. Or just two teenagers; something that did occur at the Piñata Fest when 14-year-olds had some fun.

But with her umbrella and a Stephen King novel beside her, Payne is prepared for anything. And the wind? Well while others struggle with canopies and tarps, she sits and enjoys people-watching.

“This thing anchors down,” she said of the castle. And for her and her husband, they are “hoping it brings us some good times and some income.”

Preparing for an even busier day, vendors will set up again this morning, and music and festivities will continue into this evening.

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