Police vehicle clips car, collides with pole

September 19, 2013 • Local News

A Roswell Police unit crashed into a utility pole near the Cash and Carry after clipping another vehicle. This is third accident between a police unit and a civilian vehicle since Aug. 14. (Jessica Palmer Photo)

A police vehicle collided with a pole in the 200 block of East College Boulevard, Thursday afternoon, after dealing a trailer attached to a truck a glancing blow. The driver of the truck and owner of Burrito Express, Robert Richardson, told the media that he was driving east on College and [auth] stopped to wait for oncoming traffic to clear before turning left into the restaurant parking lot.

He said he heard a bang, saw the police car attempt to pass and then make a hard right to avoid collision with westbound traffic. “I couldn’t believe he was going to try and pass,” said Richardson.

He confirmed that his left indicator on both truck and trailer were on and were in good working order. “I just checked the flashers on the trailer this morning.”

He denied seeing police emergency lights or hearing any sirens on the police vehicle. “There were three of them in the car, so I just figured they weren’t paying attention,” Richardson said, adding that he had been told that there would be no citations.

Roswell Police Public Information Liaison Sabrina Morales then arrived at the scene, consulted briefly with the officer and provided the following information, which was issued later as a release: “At approximately 2 p.m. today, an RPD officer had the lights and sirens engaged on an RPD vehicle. An individual driving a vehicle with a trailer was making a left-hand turn and stated he did not see the officer. Unable to avoid an accident, the officer clipped the trailer. In an attempt to avoid further collision, the officer made a hard right-hand turn and collided with a utility pole. No injuries were sustained. Citations are pending.”

When questioned about the citation, Morales said: “All drivers are required to be aware of what is going on around them at all times.”

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  1. bomar916 says:

    Funny, I’ve had an officer sit right on my tail, flick on lights, pass me at a high rate of speed and flick them off before he was even out of my sights. Pretty pompous move if you ask me.

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