Mud, Sweat and Tears: Gomez’s latest venture lets Roswell get down and dirty

September 18, 2013 • Local News

Mud. Sweat. Tears. Well hopefully there aren’t any real tears, but with competition so fierce all bets are off.

Barbara Gomez is the queen of coordinating events: She absolutely loves putting events together. Every time she finishes one, she is looking to start another, Gomez said. Combine that with her “always looking for something fun to do” attitude and her love of Roswell and the result is “Roswell Mud, Sweat and Tears,” or in other words, a mud run.

“I jump for something fun,” Gomez explained. “And mud runs seem to be all the rage.”

Wanting the proceeds of a fun event to go toward a good cause, Gomez looked into benefiting the Wounded Warriors Project.

“Lo and behold, I found [auth] out they have a Tough Mudder,” Gomez said. “Roswell is not ready for that.”

The Tough Mudder may indeed be too intense for the likes of Roswell, but Gomez has decided to have a mud run regardless, simply making up her own version.

What exactly is a mud run? In short terms, it’s a race filled with obstacles involving getting very muddy — a race where you wear the oldest clothes you have.

And since Wounded Warriors already has its own muddy track, Gomez said the money made from T-shirt sales, a portion of registration and a VIP after-party will go toward Operation Wounded Warriors New Mexico.

So the mud run: it will be vicious on some levels, but some aspects will offer a less intense environment.

There will be three options when entering the event: single runner, which is self-explanatory, a fun group entry of at least five members per group, and this will not be timed, but simply fun, and the third option being an elite race for groups who are “out there for blood,” Gomez said.

The elites will all be head-to-head grudge matches, and this will be the only section timed, with prizes at the end.

There will be two courses: a 1.5 mile or a 5K. Both courses will have eight to ten obstacles and there will be no avoiding the mud.

Without giving away all the surprises and secrets, some predicted obstacles include climbing over bales of hay, a tire climbing wall, crawling through drain pipes, balancing on rails and a rope swing to escape muddy pits.

This muddy business is too intense for little kids, so only those 12 years of age or older can participate. Register online at There will be a pre-registration party at Peppers on Friday, Sept. 27, from 5-7:30 p.m.

The actual event will be Saturday, Sept. 28, at the northwest, uncultivated area of Noon Optimist Park. A VIP afterparty will take place at Peppers at 9 p.m, Tickets for the VIP event are $10.

For more information visit the website,, or look up Roswell Mud, Sweat and Tears on Facebook.

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