Shipper will pay for Hawaii molasses spill cleanup

September 16, 2013 • Business

Gary Gill, left, Deputy Director of Health with the State of Hawaii speaks during a press conference on the molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, in Honolulu. Adam Teekell, center, also with the Department of Health along with Vic Angoco, right, Matson Navigation Co. Senior Vice President of the Pacific , look on during the press conference. A pipe maintained by Matson Navigation Co. at pier 52 cracked and leaked about 233,000 gallons of molasses into the harbor. The molasses spill is being blamed for the killing of marine life at Keehi Lagoon which is located near the Honolulu Harbor. The cracked pipe has been repaired and the molasses leak stopped. (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner)

HONOLULU (AP) — The chief executive of the transit company responsible for spilling 1,400 tons of molasses in Hawaii waters says the company will fully pay for cleanup and other costs without passing them on to taxpayers or customers.

Matson Navigation Co. CEO Matt Cox said Monday that he is sorry for the spill, and the company won’t ship molasses until it’s confident a similar spill will not occur.

“We’ve let you down, and we’re very sorry,” Cox said.

Cox said it’s too early to know how much the spill will cost to clean Login to read more

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