Piñatafest: Annual event remains a hit with locals and visitors

September 15, 2013 • Local News

Roswell Folklorico performs traditional Mexican dances during Piñatafest at the courthouse in downtown Roswell, Saturday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

The crowded sidewalk barely provided room to walk as people looked at wares being sold under tents and waited in lines for food. The smells [auth] of funnel cakes and tacos drifted on the breeze, making the weather perfect for the annual Piñatafest.

The Chaves County Courthouse lawn was converted into a festival of tents and lawn chairs, although many people chose to bypass the “setting up a chair” step and simply plopped down on the grass to eat their sticks of roasted corn.

To entertain, The Party Band was one of various music groups to perform. Some of the onlookers were visitors, passing through Roswell on a good day.

Such was the case for Rebecca Brown, who was enjoying the food and music with some of her family, all having traveled from Texas.

“The music is fun and there is a lot of food, so that’s always good,” Brown said. “And we’re big people watchers so this has been interesting.”

The family agreed that it might have to be something they do again next year.

Others in the crowd are locals who have been going to Piñatafest for years. B Morales and her sister, Dorothy Gomez, spend some time out at the festival every year, usually making it out for the music.

“Something is different every year,” Morales said. Although Gomez said there seemed to be less people than last year, it was still a nice day.

“The music is the best entertainment, especially since we are not big eaters; we just snack,” Morales said, laughing. The sisters did venture to try some funnel cake, though.

Except for the kids running around and enjoying a blow-up slide as well as some carnival rides across the street, most people were gathered around the music stage.

As “Neon Moon” played, one couple got up to dance, ignoring the fact that they were in a sense creating their own dance floor as no one else was dancing. But they didn’t care: All the sounds and smells looked like they faded away as the two danced together.

But around them, the festivities continued, with family moments and laughter.

Piñatafest continues today, with more music and festivities until 3 p.m.

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