Berrendo bursts forth

September 11, 2013 • Local News

Flooding on the Salt Creek rapidly flows and rises under a bridge along US 285 north of Roswell, Wednesday morning.

Flooding unleashed by a sudden gush of rushing water delivered into Berrendo Creek Wednesday caused widespread road closures, property damage, accidents and displaced residents.

Rainfall was expected to continue through Thursday morning, with a flash flood warning in effect until 6 a.m. today. Roads throughout the city would remain closed today for public safety until water has receded, Chaves County Road Department officials said.

“Right now, I can’t even assess the damage, it’s raining so hard,” said Chaves County Flood Control Superintendent Dick Smith. “We’ve got a really severe problem.”

The water that caused the Berrendo Creek to overrun its banks came from the Blackriver Draw region, north of Arabella. That area received up to six inches of rain Tuesday night. Berrendo Creek is a tributary off the east side of Capitan Mountain, according to Smith.

“That’s where all this water is coming from,” Smith said.

Law enforcement and Chaves County Road Department crews will continue to block off several Roswell roads Wednesday night and Thursday until the region dries out from the flooding of Berrendo Creek and rainfall.

Crews are expected to continue block off several roads until the county is certain that conditions are safe for public use, said Chaves County Road Operations Director Terry Allensworth.

“Crews will be out all night and all day tomorrow,” Allensworth said.

The county closed East Berrendo Road when the creek washed it out after 11 a.m. Country Club was closed behind Bright Sky. Brown Road between Pine Lodge and Berrendo was closed. Sycamore Avenue between Berrendo and Pine Lodge was closed and Montana between Berrendo and Country Club was also closed. Crooked Creek at Berrendo was closed off of Atkinson.

Red Bridge Road was closed after water crested over the bridge. The road was closed at 19th Street.

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