UK councilors visit Roswell

September 10, 2013 • Local News

Falkirk Councilors Malcom Nicol (left) and Billy Buchanan (right) from Bonnybridge, Scotland pose with Mayor Del Jurney after discussing Roswell’s use of the 1947 UFO crash as an economy boost. (Amy Vogelsang Photo)

Traveling all the way from the United Kingdom, two men made their trek to Roswell with the intent of connecting through the one unique aspect a New Mexico city could share with a city in Scotland: UFO sightings.

Known as the UFO Capital of the World with its surreal number of sightings since 1992, Bonnybridge, Scotland is part of “The Falkirk Triangle,” an area between the cities Stirling, Fife and outer neighborhoods of Edinburgh. With about 300 sightings every year, Bonnybridge [auth] has drawn hundreds of tourists from around the world.

Intrigued by how Roswell uses the 1947 sighting in correlation with the economy, Falkirk Councilors Malcom Nicol and Billy Buchanan made a trip from the Scottish city to the United States.

“Although the phenomenon has been growing since 1992, we have never tried to utilize the phenomenon in the ways Roswell has,” Buchanan said. “(Nicol and I) are both very wary between doing anything distasteful to the community.” And there is a fine line between tasteful and distasteful, he said. But with the photo and video evidence they have collected, the prospect of opening a museum is very appealing.

Although this trip to the States was purely of their own accord, Roswell was of particular interest. The Falkirk Council is primarily interested in seeing how Roswell has used the UFO crash for economic development, Nicol said.

Both men met with Mayor Del Jurney to discuss the matter. One thing they spoke with Mayor Jurney about was the possibility of a closer link between Bonnybridge and Roswell.

“Both communities benefit if there is a stronger tie between them,” Buchanan said. The next step, they said, is to send a portfolio of information and keep in contact.

With all the sightings, Buchanan said he has tried multiple times to get an answer from the government or Ministry of Defense, asking, “What is happening in the skies above Bonnybridge?” but to no avail.

Still, even with 60,000 UFO sightings over the past 30 years, Buchanan said that is not the only link they have to Roswell.

“There is far more to Roswell than the incident that happened years ago,” he said. “And Bonnybridge also has so much more to offer than just UFOs and sightings.”

Nicol said if anything can be said about Bonnybridge, it’s that UFOs happen, but that the city is actually very diverse and has other reasons to be visited, such as historic architecture and buildings as well as a lot of Roman history.

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