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September 10, 2013 • Local News

Code Enforcement urges weed removal

Recent rains in Roswell have brought more than just water to the city, they have also produced an infestation [auth] of weeds.

The city of Roswell Code Enforcement Department has experienced a high number of complaints about the overgrown weeds.

“If residents would spend some extra time to take care of the weeds on their property, we could spend more time trying to enforce other issues in Roswell,” stated Mike Mathews, special services administrator for the city.

Mathews says Code Enforcement officers have recently been spending the majority of their time addressing the issue of weeds and that there are a large number of properties in violation of the city ordinance that states that owners of the properties should not allow the weeds to grow to more than one foot in height.

Weeds are not only unattractive and distract from the aesthetics and beauty of the city, but they could have the potential of becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. They also have the potential to cause health issues such as upper respiratory infections and aggravated allergies.

Property owners are urged to eliminate weeds as soon as possible to enable both themselves and their neighbors a better quality of life and to avoid involvement from the City Code Enforcement. Physically able individuals are urged to please try and help their neighbors, especially the elderly, in addressing the weed problem.

For more information, contact Renée Roach, Keep Roswell Beautiful coordinator, at 637-6224 or Mike Mathews, Code Enforcement administrator, at 637-6298.


Animals must be restrained at all times

Roswell Animal Services has issued a reminder to residents about City Ordinance 4-36, which requires domestic pets to be controlled either by leash, cord or chain, not more than 10 feet in length in public spaces.

During summer months, it is common and becomes more frequent for people with pets to take them on walks. Although the city encourages outdoor recreation, especially with pets, it is unlawful for any owner, possessor or keeper of any domestic pet in the city of Roswell to permit the pet to run at large within the city. A pet shall be deemed to be “running at large” when off or away from the premises of the owner, possessor, keeper, agent or a member of the pet’s immediate family.

Owners who violate this ordinance may receive a citation including fines up to $150 plus court costs.

This notice is issued as a public service announcement by the city of Roswell. For more information or to report a domestic pet running at large, contact Joseph Pacheco, Animal Control supervisor, at 624-6722.

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