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September 7, 2013 • Editorial

We are baffled at the secrecy surrounding the findings of an audit financed by the state that’s prompting management changes at 15 New Mexico nonprofit behavioral health care providers. Suspending payments for vital services and then forcing leadership changes without explanation to the health care employees, their patients or the public is unconscionable.

The New Mexico Human Services Department in June froze payments to 15 nonprofits that provide mental health and substance abuse services after an audit found what the agency said was a high rate of billing problems and possible mismanagement.

State Attorney General Gary King has supported the department’s actions and is keeping secret the findings of Public Consultant Group’s audit until the investigation is complete.

These organizations provide services to people who really need help, including autistic children and adults struggling with addiction or mental illness. The services are provided at taxpayer expense because they help the clients and they benefit Login to read more

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