Festival offers much more than dragonflies

September 7, 2013 • Local News

Lawrence Foster Photo Children fish for Channel Catfish at the Dragonfly Festival, Saturday.

Amy Vogelsang
Record Staff Writer

The clear morning was perfect: quiet, peaceful and brimming with anticipation for activities to start. Then, breaking the silence were the excited voices of kids as the 12th annual Dragonfly Festival got underway Saturday morning at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Designed as an outreach to the community, the festival is meant to teach the residents of Roswell about the wildlife refuge, said Outdoor Recreation Planner and the festival’s lead coordinator, Steve Alvarez.

“They organized it as an idea to get people to come here,” Alvarez said. “About that same time, they were doing special studies, and they found a large population of dragonflies out here. So they emphasized them. They want people not to know just about dragonflies, but about all the rich biology out here at the refuge.”

And the concept of drawing attention and spreading awareness of what the refuge has to offer has been incredibly successful. According to Alvarez, the park had very Login to read more

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